Texans Help the Little Guy

posted by: Susan Tiholiz

Texans step up when they're needed.
Though we Texans have had lots of cold and rainy weather lately, Spring is here and bird migration from South and Central America is definitely under way. The birds' flight across the Gulf of Mexico is 600 miles and takes about 18 hours. Good-quality habitat along the Texas coast is vitally important to the survival of tens and thousands of birds. Once the birds reach the coast, they are so tired, weak, and hungry that they risk dying.
Last year at this time, there was a "fallout" of  birds in South Padre, Texas. A fallout occurs when strong winds and bad weather make the migration extremely difficult.  Last year in South Padre, the birds were so tired and plentiful that observers had to be careful where they walked to avoid stepping on them. But instead of ignoring the birds in need, people came out with fruit and mealy worms to feed them. This human intervention likely saved many birds' lives.

Just another example of Texans being Good Samaritans.

If you would like to support Texas coastal habitats and migrating birds you can donate to Houston Audubon Sanctuaries:

Photo credit: Ray Hodson

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